Hi, I've been working with wood since high school. I took a lot of industrial arts classes.
I found that I loved working with wood & other mediums, & that I could build something with my own hands & see beautiful results! 
 Over the years I have built or at least helped out building waterwheels, timberframes, homes, barns, sheds, bus stops, saunas, storage, ice shanties, doghouses & mailboxes & more. 
I've made  bowls, borings, boxes, cabinets,decks, guitars, frames, lids, roofs, turnings & stars!
I've rebuilt sailboats, kitchens, basements,bathrooms, garages, whole houses & parts, antiques & modern items.
I've figured out lots of ways to do things easier or simpler, or cheaper, but I always want things done right! I call it practical engineering, some just call it common sence.
I got my WoodMizer  a few years ago when a niehbor ended up with a large pile of logs in their yard, and no way to make use of them. I spent that summer learning a lot about slicing, I'm still learning!
watching a logs go from bark to useful wood, with some of the ever changing grain patterns & colors just knocking you eyes out! And making you just dream of things that could arise from this new wood!